Supervision is an essential part of providing an ethical, legal and safe therapeutic relationship. Not only for counsellors and psychotherapists, supervision supports psychologists, nurses and doctors, police officers, and holistic therapists. Indeed, supervision supports anyone who works relationally and emotionally with people of all ages.

My supervisory way of working mirrors my therapeutic approach. I come from a humanistic, integrative perspective, and will work relationally with you and your clients.

For students or practitioners undertaking further training, academic supervision can sometimes be used to check written work looking for missing or incomplete theoretical stances. As I am also a practitioner in the field, I understand the importance of confidentiality and can provide a different perspective on your written work.

As different courses have different requirements, before I undertake academic supervision, we will negotiate the needs of your course, to see if I can meet those needs.

If you are interested in entering into a supervisory relationship with me, please do get in touch.