Therapy is available through many different platforms, and given these challenging times, flexibility for supporting you is important to me.

As such, I can offer you a range of online therapy solutions.

Therapy over a video link works very much the same as face-to-face sessions. The only two things which are needed are for you to have a stable internet connection, and for you to have somewhere confidential to sit with your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

In the same way as video therapy, I can support you on the telephone, either to your mobile number or to a landline if you prefer. You only need a confidential space to sit whilst we have our therapy session together.

Secure Email
Email therapy works slightly different, in that the therapy session involves the exchanging of one message to each other. You would write to me by email to my secure email address, and I would respond to your message.

Secure Messaging
With therapy over messaging, we would hold a session together in much the same way as face-to-face, except we would be using a secure system to communicate.